The Korean industry is known for its beauty and the IT sector accomplishments . in the era of this pandemic Korea has been having the lowest number of patients affected by coronavirus .the country has achieved the lowest rate of infected patients in the world.

North Korea’s monarch Kim jongun reportedly shot newly detected patients at the airport itself and as a result, no foreign contamination was able to enter the country.this sort of behavior was considered inhumane but also extremist thought this of a rightful decision to evict the widespread of plague.

in order to maintain a low death rate and a low number of patients south Korea denied entry to foreigners from Hubei on Feb 4, 2020, in order to help prevent the coronavirus, by April 9 south Korea had about 10,423 cases and  204 deaths. a case fatality rate of 1.95% which is lower than the WHO’s global case fatality rate of 4.34%.

South Korea introduced one of the largest and best pandemic control solutions without locking down major cities on lockdown .the government tracking system has been working effectively tracking illness through CCTV cameras, credits cards, medical insurances etc.and imposed travel restrictions on travelers .people are being investigated upon entering the country and law violators are charged a 10 millon won fine , a year jail and in case of foreign passport -deportation.

the people are tracked through a tracking app enabling GPS .also south Korea has reportedly signed “NO CHINESE ALLOWED” signs .the government has also set up roadside tests for the illness as it is more convenient and also reduces the further chances of infection. Korea has ultimately reduced the number of infected patients throughout the country.

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