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Top PUBG Streamers: One of the world’s most popular game – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile received flak from all corners for allegedly becoming an ‘unhealthy obsession’, but many Indians have found an alternate profession in it. here are the Top PUBG streamers in India…

The popularity of the game is such that it has become a full-time profession for many youths. Players are not only honing their skills and learning new skills to participate in the major tournaments but are also live streaming their gameplay.

College students, young professionals who are really good at the game and are often the last man standing to finish the game to earn ‘Chicken Dinner’, are broadcasting their game for their fans on YouTube. They are not only subscribed by millions of people but are even paid for their gameplay.

PUBG has changed the gaming scenario in India. YouTube search “PUBG Mobile” will throw up millions of videos from live streamers, highlights, tutorials to funny moments. However, not everyone is worth watching. If you love watching PUBG Mobile gameplay, here is a list of the Top PUBG Streamers in India for you.

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  1. MORTAL – #1 Top PUBG Streamers

Mortal also is known as Naman Mathur, or more popularly known as “Soul Mortal” is the most loved name in the Indian PUBG Streamers community. He is a tremendous exponent of the game and has a massive KDA to his name every season. Also, he is a famous entity in the Indian gaming scenario and uses an I-Pad to play most of his games. He uses the four-claw grip to play his matches.

Mortal regularly comes live on his Youtube channel in the morning and at night. So, if you want to watch some really fun gameplay, you can visit his channel. The best part is that his streams are family-friendly, so you can watch them on even on your television with your family.

  1. SCOUT #2 Top PUBG Streamers

Scout also has known as Tanmay Singh, is a PUBG Mobile eSports player as well as a popular streamer. He recently crossed 2 Million subscribers on YouTube. This man is known for his dedication, will, and hard work towards the game. If you want to learn the game, he is one of the best players to look up to. Scout regularly streams PUBG Mobile on his channel and the streams are incredibly fun to watch. The only considerable setback is that his streams are not family-friendly and may contain cuss words.

  1. CARRYISLIVE #3 Top PUBG Streamers

Carry Minati also known as Ajey Nagar is an Indian Youtuber and Streamer. He has over 10 Million subscribers on his main channel where he is known for his epic humor and deadly roasts and 4 Million+ subscribers on his channel CarryisLive where he regularly streams PUBG Mobile. Carry might not be the best player skill wise but he is definitely the most entertaining player to watch.

Nagar dropped out of school to pursue live streaming. He plans to study further but through open schooling.

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  1. DYNAMO GAMING #4 Top PUBG Streamers

Dynamo who is also known as Aadii Sawant is the most popular gaming YouTuber in India with a huge number of subscribers of 7.8 million. He mostly plays PUBG Mobile, but he also plays other games such as DOTA 2, Battlefield, or GTA V. In the early days of streaming, his channel only had 1,000 subscribers and 100 live viewers. Now, he has more than 1,000,000 views for each video. In PUBG Mobile Star Challenge, he was the one who has the most vote from fans.

  1. HYDRA FLICK #5 Top PUBG Streamers

Rohan Ledwani also is known as Hydra Flick didn’t have any intention to chase after a career in gaming. However, his plan to start a restaurant failed so here we are. His dad used to give him 6 months to prove that gaming can be a career in India and it looks like he has done it. Hydra Flick is now having 175 thousand subscribers on his channel. And is also one of the most respectable people in the India Esport scene.

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