Touya is a 14-year old student trapped in the Elder Tale. Touya’s real name is Touya Housaki and he is Minori’s twin. His class is Samurai while his subclass is Accountant. Touya had a ghastly car accident in the real world. He almost died as a result of the accident. Even though he survived the accident, it completely paralyzed him. The accident in effect bound him to a wheelchair for life. The event left him deeply traumatized. Touya started playing Log Horizon to clear his mind. Touya and Minori were also trapped while playing the Elder Tale. After Shiroe and his friends rescued them from the Hamlins, Touya joined Log Horizon alongside his twin sister.


During his childhood, Touya had a fatal accident that paralyzed and bound him to a wheelchair for life. The accident cut short Touya’s outdoor life because he could not go outside at will. In essence, the accident limited his social life. These events seriously affected him both in mind and physically. The effect was that he was traumatized. The twins consequently convinced their parents to allow them to play Elder Tale. This was a way of escape from the trauma and the parents agreed. Their first attempt at playing was not encouraging. However, they met Shiroe who offered to help them. It was while Touya and Minori were learning from Shiroe that the Catastrophe occurred.


Although some Log Horizon members see the Catastrophe as a piece of ill-luck, Touya does not. He views it as his opportunity to have a new, life, and body again. Touya is apparently happy that in the fantasy world of Log Horizon, he is able to use his legs once again. He usually wears a samurai armor and bears a katana.


The Catastrophe separated Touya and Minori from Shiroe immediately it occurred. They discovered that they were trapped in the world of Elder Tale. Nevertheless, the twins agreed to check-out the new world. The Hamelin master approached them and requested that they should join their guild.

The guild turned out to be an evil guild that was looking for new players under the guise of helping them. The guild masters collected the free EXP Pots given to new players daily and sold them to large guilds.

They sent Touya to hunt monsters for valuable items while his twin was a hostage at the guild house. Soon, Minori was able to contact Shiroe and his team. The team subsequently rescued the Hamelin’s captives and forcefully disbanded the guild. The twins later joined the Log Horizon and they went on interesting quests.


Touya formed a Party that he named after himself (Touya’s Party). They went on various quests such as The Dungeon Ragranda Forest, acquired Dazaneg’s Magic Bag, and fought against the Wyvern invasion. The party had various members and they are:

  • Touya
  • Minori
  • Serara
  • Rundelhaus Code
  • Isuzu
  • Roe2
  • Dariella

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Some of their skills are as follows:

  • Taunt: this is a Special mind manipulation skill that erases both the Samurai and his allies off the enemy’s radar
  • Rania’s Capture: this deadly offensive skill is capable of damaging an opponent’s vocal cords. The consequence of this attack is that it prevents enemies from casting their own spells.
  • Izuna Cutter: Samurai have a rather limited number of long-range attack skills. This is one of such long-range attack skill. It is as deadly as it is effective.
  • Whirlwind Cutter: One of the Samurai also possesses another deadly skill known as the Whirlwind Cutter. This is another deadly skill with heavy consequences for the enemy.
  • Lone Dash: the Samurai possess a special skill known as the lone dash. Touya can actually boost his movement and speed but only for a short interval.
  • Air Manipulation– He can actually make whirlwinds and use same as a battle weapon
  • Sound Manipulation– He can send messages to allies that are registered on his friend’s list,
  • Information Analysis– Again, as an Adventurer, Touya can actually read the statuses of other players
  • Resurrection– as an Adventurer, Touya has a soul that cannot die. That is, he gets resurrected at the cathedral each time he dies
  • Automatic Translation– Adventurers have the power of automatic translation. Even though they cannot speak the language of the People of the Earth, they can however understand it.

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