Minori Housaki is a young twin in Log Horizon. She ties her short brown hair beautifully into a ponytail. She is also among those that were trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale.

Minori is from the main class Kannagi. Her initial secondary class was Tailor, however, she later swapped to “Apprentice”. This enabled her to become Shiroe’s official pupil thereby helping her learn new skills from him.

She normally dresses as a Japanese shrine maiden who is a healer. You will always identify her wearing a red and white traditional Japanese costume. At first, when Minori and Touya started to play Elder Tale, their initial quests were total failures. It was not until they met Shiroe that their gameplay improved.

Minori went on to become a great character after the Catastrophe in the Elder Tale. She even held a leadership position such as being the leader of the Akiba Guild Hall Raid Party. Also, she was a member of the Shibuya Raid Team.


Minori and her twin decided to play the elder tales. On their very first day of play, they made very slow and painful progress. The kept on witnessing one failure upon another. They were still at level six when they met Shiroe. Minori and her twin brother asked him how to gain skills and cast healing spells.

Even though it was not in Shiroe’s usual character to make friends, he decided to help the two. Using the Teacher System, he thought them how to play the Elder Tales. Minori and her twin requested that Shiroe should escort them through the beginner level. He accepted, so, he had to reduce his avatar’s stats so he could safely travel and assist them. As a matter of fact, the system lowered his level to just about one or two levels higher than theirs. He did this so he could be in a reasonable position to function as their mentor.

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It was while Minori and her brother were exploring the beginner level with Shiroe that the Catastrophe occurred.  Immediately, they were separated from Shiroe. She and her brother consequently lost the only help they had. So they decided to join a new guild named the Hamelin in other to improve on their experience and levels. However, this was not to be as the Hamelin guild masters only exploited their low-level players.


After the Catastrophe occurred, Minori and Touya both lost contact with Shiroe. They decided to join a new guild to improve their experience. The Hamlin masters met the twins and induced them to join their guild. The Hamlin masters deliberately fooled them that Hamelin was a guild that was specifically meant to aid beginners. Minori and Touya subsequently joined them. However, Minori and her twin were disappointed because the masters of the Hamelin guild did not stick to their words. They used Touya in their battle strategies but held Minori as a hostage at their guild house.

Luckily, the Hamelin guild was disbanded, and Minori went on to join Log Horizon. The twins first ran into Lelia and Litka who rescued them and brought them to the Log Horizon. After their rescue, Minori and her twin joined Log Horizon. She again started to learn the Elder Tale’s game under her former mentor Shiroe. Shiroe thought her various skills and even proceeded to teach her how to head a raid. Minori went on to lead the Akiba Guild Hall Raid Party. She wanted to become a strategist just like Shiroe. Soon, she came to realize that she had fallen in love with him. But she was forced to compete for Shiroe’s affection with Akatsuki. As earlier stated, Minori was also a member of the Shibuya Raid Team.


Minori’s affiliations are as follows:

  • Log Horizon
  • Touya’s Party
  • Shibuya Raid Team
  • Akiba Guild Hall Raid Party
  • Hamelin

There are basically three builds available for the Kannagi class.

  • Shaman/Prayer Miko- This is a support build that lays emphasis on reducing damage as well as healing.
  • War Miko- This is an attack melee build. It uses naginata or katana to attack.
  • Bow Miko- This build focuses on ranged weapons and magic.

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