Trevor Noah buys out Bel Air mansion for a whopping 27.5 million US dollars

Bel Air mansion sounds cool. Isn’t it? Trevor Noah has jumped back in the real estate. This time with a luxury Bel Air mansion in the neighbourhood and the documents suggests that he has paid &27.5 million on the mansion. His moves come right after 4 months when he let go of his previous Bel Air mansion. It was worth &21.7 million. The identity of the buyer is not known.

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The two houses are situated on a distance of two miles from one another. But the latest purchase of the mansion by the popular South African host is said to be more of  personal space. The mansion was established in 2014 by architect Mark Rios. Mark Rios is a trained architect from Harvard. He established the space to live with the family. The talented architect took inspiration from Japanese design that included pared-back simplicity and soothing detailings.

Trevor Noah bought Bel Air mansion for $27.5 million
Look what Trevor Noah’s mansion looks like.

Everything about the Bel Air mansion-

Every room of the Bel Air mansion has intractable walls of glass. The kitchen offers cabinet of rich oak and there is also a Japanese Spa. The spa gives soothing views of mountain Santa Monica. The mansion is of 11,000 square foot. It has three  floors and 11 bathrooms. Well, that’s whole a lot of bathrooms considering that bedrooms are only 6. Nobody can be bored in the luxury house because they can spend time in either gym, library, spa, steam room or even in the game room. The mansion is surely children friendly. It looks like the New Year has started with a good kick for host Trevor Noah.

It also offers a movie theatre. The movie theatre gives way to a rooftop terrace. It seems like a small city or a town because it even has a bar. The daily show host- Trevor Noah also owns a luxury penthouse. The penthouse is situated in Manhattan and he purchased it in 2017.