Trump welcomed by old forge Republicans to their borough

Trump welcomed by old forge Republicans: The old forge Republicans are gearing up to welcome President Trump to their borough on Thursday, August 20th. According to reports, President Trump will be commenting on “a half-century of Joe Biden failing America,” at the Mariotti Building Products.

Trump at the old forge

President Trump will address the folks at Mariotti Building Products on Louis Industrial Drive. He will be remarking on Joe Bidden’s nomination in the next elections. His speech is timed just after Joe Bidden formally accepts his nomination for the Presidential elections from the Democratic Party.

There, Trump will be welcomed by old forge and congratulated on his accomplishments in the last three and a half year.

Trump v/s Bidden


Trump is not much in favor of nominating Joe Bidden for the next presidential elections. The Trump campaign also rubbished Bidden campaign ideas as social agendas that could hurt families. The Press Secretary of Trump campaign also remarked that Bidden is hiding voters and taking voters for granted. She also mentioned that the Trump campaign would never make such a mistake.

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Trump welcomed by Old Forge

The folks at old forge are very much looking forward to President Trump’s visit. An imminent member, Tony Quartaco praises Trumpp’s accomplishments in the past three and a half years. He also accepts that since Trump’s Presidency his business at the fracking industry is doing very well. Quartaco also mentioned that Trump has also efficiently managed the oil industry in the country.

Another Republican, Frank Scavo mentions that Trump might have chosen to come there because Luzerne County had a big role in Trump’s win in 2016. The old forge is in the Lackawanna County, beside Luzerne County, and might do the same for him in 2020.

The restaurant owners there are also looking forward to Trump’s visit, thrilled to serve food to a President.

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