US Left WHO over claims of China influence

US left WHO or at least intends to buy July 2021. Pres. Donald Trump of the United States made the official announcement to the United Nations on July 7, 2020. This decision was made after growing tension between the United States and the World Health Organization. Since the first reported cases of rotavirus attention growing.  After Trump announced his intention to do so a month ago this decision should not be a surprise. This was also the next logical step after Pres. Trump halted funding to the organization.




The reason from an Americans perspective for why the US left who is simple, it has become puppet of China. The World Health Organization has repeatedly denied the presidents accusations that they have spread Chinese misinformation about the coronavirus. This despite the fact that there is mounting evidence suggesting that China may have concealed certain facts. Regardless the World Health Organization is now accusing Pres. Trump of “crippling the international effort to the virus”.  The statements of vice presidents Mike Pence Provides a counterpoint to the World Health Organization’s argument.  When asked in an interview  Mike Pence stated “The World Health Organization that’s the world down … There have to be consequences”. While the World Health Organization is dedicated to maintaining the world’s health. It appears to have mishandled the situation. Making recommendations that were economically and socially unrealistic.




the consequences of the US Left WHO will be both immediate and long-term.  The US has to finish paying off all the payments it owes to the organization, in the immediate. The more long-term consequence is continue growing tension between the United States and the UN. The United States which is been a member for 70 years has also withdrawn from other United nation councils. If this trend continues may lead to the United States completely withdrawing from the United Nations.

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