‘Veep’ Cast Reunites For virtual Table Read in support for Georgia Runoffs

Veep Cast Reunites :

Veep Cast Reunites again to support senator Runoff in Georgia. On 24 November 2020, Julia Louis Dreyfus announced this on Instagram. This is not the first time veep cast uniting. As they have also helped in the election campaign of Joe Biden as a fundraiser.
In the Recent Election, neither candidate secured majority votes in Georgia. Because of this Runoff between 2 candidates with major votes will take place in January.

To increase awareness and support to Georgia voters veep cast coming together for another virtual table Read.

Virtual Table Read :

If you have watched veep you can see what this show has predicted. In the 2016 veep’s episode, Mother has many similarities which we can’t oversee. For Fake protestors to vote counting demands there is something going on in the world inspired by veep.

Therefore veep cast Reunites for virtual Table Read. Where they will read episode “Mother” of veep.

If you want to watch this episode then it is season 5, episode 4. You will definitely see dramatic similarities.

Veep Cast members that are uniting:

veep is one of those motivational shows that respect for their cast members is something in people’s hearts. Their latest Table read for fundraising is definitely a hit.
Therefore, cast members :

Veep cast Reunites
Veep Cast Reunites
  • Julia Louis- Dreyfus
  • Anna chlumsky
  • Reid Scott
  • Sarah Sutherland
  • Timothy Simons
  • Tony Hale
  • Clea Duvall
  • Gary Cole
  • Matt Walsh
  • Sam Richardson

will be the part of the much anticipated virtual table read.

Julia Louis- Dreyfus’s Rudy Giuliani impression:

while announcing this virtual table read Julia did Rudy Giuliani’s Impression where she did Mr. Mayor’s Dye melting makeup. She announces this reading will be held on 6 December.

About veep:

  • Veep is an American television series, revolves around the life of Selina Meyer.
  • How things turn upside down when she got the chance to be Vice President.
  • series has 7 seasons and around 70 Emmy nominations.
  • This show is trending now because it has similarities with current American elections.


  • Veep Cast Reunites for a virtual table reading of episodes Mother
  • Julia Louis Dreyfus announces this on her Instagram while impersonating Rudy Giuliani.
  • Their previous campaign was successful, Therefore they are holding this virtual reading to spread awareness for senator runoff in Georgia.

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