Yakuza’s creators says the Nintendo switch is “Hardware for Kids and Teens”

Yakuza’s creator on Nintendo switch :

In a recent interview when asked about the possibilities of Yakuza coming to Nintendo. Yakuza’s creator on Nintendo switch stated that Nintendo’s Hardware is for kids and teenagers. So games like yakuza are not appropriate for it.

He further added that Nintendo and he both are now focusing on children-oriented game marketing. So games like super monkey ball would be appropriate for the Nintendo switch.

Is Nintendo switch Hardware is only limited to kids and teenagers:

Some points to remember regarding Nintendo switch sales :

  • Between 2017- 2020 Nintendo has sold more than 67 million switches Globally
  • Because of the increasing demand for the switch, Nintendo ties up with different companies, to meet consumer demand.

    Yakuza creator on Nintendo switch
    Yakuza’s creator on Nintendo switch

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  • And if you are an adult with kids around according to stats it is the best gaming console as it saves time with zero start up.
  • According to a US survey conducted by Nintendo. The largest consumer of Nintendo switch is Male aged 20- early 30s. They are “Adult”
  • Around 43 percent of consumers of Nintendo switch are aged 25-30 and only 20 percent are between 19-24.

Why Yakuza’s creator on Nintendo switch said this :

As from the above stats we have seen this gaming console is pretty much popular in adults. Toshihiro Nagoshi clearly implying Nintendo Yakuza is more like an adult game and would not be appropriate for Nintendo switch as this gaming console doesn’t really include games like this.
Nagoshi said that games like monkey super balls will do much better for Switch.

What is Yakuza ?

  • Yakuza is a video game based on crimes.
  • Toshihiro Nagoshi is the creator of this game.
  • Published by Sega.
  • This game mostly involves violence. Hence not appropriate for Kids.
  • Action Adventure Genre
  • Yakuza gives a brief about the life of the Yakuza gang in Japan.


  • Yakuza’s creator on Nintendo switch said that gaming console’s Hardware is for kids and teenagers
  • However Research supports something else, Major buyers of Nintendo switch are adults.
  • The reason behind this statement of yakuza creator might be Nintendo switch’s No adult game policy.

What do you think about Nintendo switch? Do you agree with this statement.?

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