Gas leak has been reported in Andhra Pradesh ,Visakhapatnam where 8 people have Been reportedly dead. And another hundreds have been rushed to emergency .

The incident took place around 3:00 am in the morning where everyone was sleeping. People reported have troubled breathing and burning while many have evacuated .

The incident took place in LG polymer chemical plant which is solely responsible for the event . People immediately became unconscious and the emergency services including the police , army and navy. While 5 villages have been evacuated within the shortest distance to the gas leak company. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Kishan Reddy have rushed to the site.

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gas leakage

NDRF team have been working to save people and rescuing everyone . The chemical gas leak has caused a major set back for the government in the time of pandemic . The chemical gas is likely to affect the lungs and the brain , burning sensation and  rashes on body . Important measures have are being performed by the authorities , people who have died in the gas include a 8 year old girls and senior citizens.

The officials have been trying to contain the situation and the areas within the radius of 4 km have been evacuated by the people . Due to the lock down many people were placed at a famous temple in Visakhapatnam” shimachalam temple “. These are being rescued from the community. The officials believe that the 5 km radius within the affected area is highly dangerous. Thus people shouldn’t be breathing there without an effective mask. The rescue operations are on the way and all instructions have been given out to the district collector who is leading the operations. The government has been demanding answers from the responsible company as it has resulted into a dangerous tragedy

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