Importance of Yoga and its benefits


The word “yoga” derives from the Sanskrit word “yuji”. It is an ancient practice that is said to reunite the body and soul. It includes poses to relax body, carrying out breathing exercises and practicing meditation.

Not only beneficial for physical health, yoga also has a plethora of mental health benefits.

Some benefits of yoga that can evidently notice are:

  • Helps in Reduction of Stress

Yoga promotes relaxation and hence is said to reduce stress levels. Science has also evidently proven that performing yoga decreases the secretion of the primary stress hormone in humans which is cortisol. This in turn helps in reducing anxiety, managing depression and improving the quality of life.

  • Helps in soothing anxiety

Practicing yoga is also said to soothe the anxiety as it requires mental and emotional presence of one into the moment and provides a sense of peace.

  • Helps in improving heart health

Since it helps relieve stress which is one of the major contributors to heart-related health issues, it undoubtedly also helps in improving heart health. it is also said to be leading to a reduction in the levels of cholesterol which is another major cause leading to deterioration of heart health.

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  • Helps in reduction of chronic pain

Having a range of potential causes, chronic pain serves to be a persistent problem that affects a large population. A growing body of research has however evidently demonstrated that practicing yoga helps in reduction of chronic pain such as osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Helps in promoting sleep quality

Yoga has been proven to increase the secretion of a sleep regulating hormone namely melatonin. It helps reduces sleep disturbances and also helps one to fall asleep faster with an improved sleep quality. It also reduced the need to administer sleep medications.

  • Helps in improving body flexibility

Practicing yoga involves poses which help increase blood flow and increase the body flexibility and balance. It helps in getting rid of body stiffness and pain associated with it.

  • Helps in improving breathing

A yoga exercise called Pranayama focuses on controlling breath via breathing techniques and exercises. It helps increase the vital capacity of an individual which is a measure of the maximum amount of air which can be expelled from the lungs. This helps those suffering with asthma, lung-related issues and heart problems in improving their intensity of symptoms, build endurance and optimize breathing performance.

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