What are the positive effects of nature in human life?

Nature is very important to everyone because it is a  part of our life. We cannot imagine our lives without nature. It provides us food, medicines, water, climate, nutrients, and especially trees that provide us oxygen to breathe and live. Plants also provide us food like peas, corn, beans, and barely.

It is a god gift that makes our world beautiful and amazing. But few people from different places do not know the importance of nature. A large number of releasing chemicals increase the problem of global warming. Due to global warming, icebergs of Antarctica and arctic melt and breakdown that increase the level of water. A high amount of water spreads all over the world.

Furthermore, a human cannot survive without water. Pollution and overuses of chemicals have threatened the various water resources of the world. Nature can clean pollution naturally. Forest, soil, and microorganisms play a vital role in recycling and filtering the water at cheap price.

Birds, mammals, and insects help to pollinate the plants, especially in human agriculture. Most of the plants require distinct species for pollinator and pollinators are necessary for every plant like almond to buckwheat, tomatoes to cocoa, and almost in all crops.

Nature has a great medical value that provides lifesaving medicines to humans. Nature gives many lifesaving medicines like HIV fighting drugs and numerous cancer medicines. Undoubtedly nature is the best medical cabinet and saves millions of lives every day.

Humankind has been dependent on the seas and rivers at least 40,000 years. Most of the people depend on fisheries because it is a great source of protein. Poor people earn money directly or indirectly. Fisheries is a livelihood for a half billion people. That’s why nature helps people in many ways.

Nature helps in regulating the climate of the earth. Ecosystems like peatlands, mangroves, and rainforests store a large amount of carbon. Beside it, Ocean stores massive amounts of carbon with the help of phytoplankton. Regulating a greenhouse is very important in climate age. Weather is also affected by an ecosystem.

As we know, without clean water, fertile soil, stable forests, and a stable climate, the economy of the world would face many disasters.  Have you ever clean any forest?-  you will neglect the question: but the environment has a great impact on the global economy. Therefore, we should always love nature like home because nature around us provides us everything with no costs. It’s our duty to keep our environment clean.

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