WhatsApp Gets a Shopping Button, to See What Business are Selling on the App.

WhatsApp Gets a Shopping Button:
WhatsApp Gets Shopping Button, to See What Businesses are Selling on the App. WhatsApp’s new feature the Shopping button will enable users to quickly go through the catalogues of the business on it. Previously it was on the beta version of Whatsapp but now it will be available on iPhone and Android also. It’s exciting news for both the users and the business owners.

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 Why Shopping Button:

A Shopping Button will make it easier for people to view catalogues of Business from the chat window itself. Previously they had to navigate to the Profile section. Instant chat and Instant shopping is the new mantra.

 How to use the  Shopping Button:

For the business, to make the shopping button available for the customers, Your account must be registered to the Whatsapp business app and have set up a catalogue. If you meet these requirements your customers will receive the shopping button in their chat window with you.


The tech giant Whatsapp is used for sending simple secure messages and calling for free. Because of the added feature of the Shopping Button, now Whatsapp is going to soar high in popularity. In these times of Corona, such technical changes will surely boost the business.  Also with the Holiday season nearing, people will shop more for sure. As predicted WhatsApp has hit 15 million in India and 50 million Globally, already.

 New features in Whatsapp:

New features such as starting a chat with a business using QR codes for scanning. After scanning it will open a chat with an optional pre-populated message created by the Business to start the conversation.  Booking and confirming tickets, Certain Bank services, etc can all be done through this app.

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