Will Smith’s teeth knocked off by Jason Derulo with golf club

Will Smith's teeth knocked off by Jason Durelo
Jason Derulo knocked off Will Smith's teeth with a golf club

Jason Derulo on Sunday knocked off Will Smith’s teeth while playing golf. The entire incident was recorded on TikTok. But, it is yet unknown if the incident was a prank or if it happened for real.

The actor posted a video on Sunday on his TikTok handle which he was on Instagram as well. In the video, Will tries to help Derulo to swing his golf culb. While Derulo swings the club, it hits Smith on face. Later he smiles into the camera with broken teeth. It is not clear though if the entire incident was a prank or not. While many have the opinion that it happened for real, many say it was a prank.

Will Smith's teeth broken by Derulo
Will Smith smiles into the camera as Jason Derulo knocks off his teeth

In the video. Will gives instructions to Derulo about how to swing his golf club. Will approaches Derulo. Smith asks him not to swing the golf club then. But, by the time he finishes his sentence, Derulo hits him on his face. In the video one can see Will Smith’s teeth flying out. He smiles into the camera while Derulo says he has some work and he will come back later. Smith insists on one shot says that he just needs one shot. Then the actor swigs the club and hits the singer’s leg.


Later Will posted a picture of him and Derulo together on Instagram. He captions it, ” I gotta stop inviting Jason Derulo over”. On the video that he posted, Derulo commented, “I know a good dentist.. text me back”



Derulo also posted the same picture on his Instagram grid. He captioned,

“He’s finally embracing his new smile.”

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