William English co-creator of the computer mouse has passes away at age 91

William English co-creator of the computer mouse, has passes away at age 91. William who had been living in California sometime passed away respiratory failure on July 26, 2020. English was known for his work on the early computers and computer interface, such as the mouse. Actually, his work on creating the first computer mouse is what he is most notable for that was not his only contribution. Indeed, he had direct in this on most early computer. That is to say, he helped develop the computers that inspired first Microsoft and Macintosh computer design.  His former colleagues remembered William as a problems solver, someone who brought things to gather.



William English, co-creator of the computer mouse

William English greatest achievement is remembered as his work as co-creator creating the first computer mouse with Douglas Engelbert. The worked at the Stanford Research Institute through most of the 1960s. The focus of their work at SRI was the construction of the predecessor to today’s computers. William proved his worth on the duo’s collaboration when he was one of the few able to understand Douglas. Specifically, Douglas had envisioned a way to easily interface and manipulate data on a screen. In modern times take this for granted but at the time the idea was so difference most people couldn’t grasp. English did more they grasp the idea the co-creator of the computer mouse; he was able to find a way to make it work.

As a result, by 1968 the two went on presentation a groundbreaking presentation of their work. It is fair to say, that all computer interfacing in the present day was directly influenced by the presentation and their work. Additionally, he also worked on the first modern computer. In 1970 William joined the Palo Alto Research Center to work on their Alto machine. His experience from SRI greatly in this project and the success it enjoyed. That is to say, the Alto machine was popular and later influenced many computer designs. This included the individual who created the first Macintosh and Microsoft Windows’s. The passing of William English marks the loss one of the grandfathers of the modern computer age.

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