Yes relationships


Relationship is the hottest selling topic in the internet . So it’s time for me to talk about relationships, for my experiences I have gathered past few years.

The people who are just saying that relationship is bullshit , they are the most craving persons on the earth for relationships. It’s their bad experience that they are sharing. But there are the people who had their amazing experience in it.

Happiness the basic requirement of humans – Awareearth

Everyone crave for love . It’s the natural instinct no one can’t deny. In today’s scenario , the advent of internet in the past ten years in the India society was so fast that it has changed lot many things in the society and one of the things is relationship.

  • Some of them adapt quickly to these changes and some still adhere to the old school tactics. While most of the population is still confused between the two. In this age of confusion, it is  so easy to be tricked.

One thing I believe for sure in relationship is that it took us to the another level of world. It adds value in our life.
Let me make it clear and simple.
It is our human evolution of thousands of years which attracts opposite gender. So it would be madness to say no one is attracted. Now , as far as I have seen , both male and female partners are innocent in their own respect . There view points equally holds logic. If their is misunderstanding , just remember that there was something because of which this relationship has happened. And that is missing now. So, having different circumstances in different relationships, it should be made clear as soon as possible because nobody come in a relationship to betray someone.

Secondly, even though there is betrayal , a misunderstanding , an unfortunate event happened , there is always a inner voice which is acting through you, which always guides you. Without falling into temptation and knowing the difference between temptation and inner voice you can restore the inner peace and happiness in your life.

It seems complicated as it is though , as it took me days , even months to figure out what I have done wrong. Since there is a wrong from your side , never afraid to accept it . As soon as you accept it , it will be beneficial for you. With each passing day , attract more happiness by doing what you love . These days you tube videos are getting very respect . Start video graphy , share your story to the world because there are people out there who needs your wisdom, who needs your experiences.
Don’t be shy in being you. Start repairing your life again from very down bottom and it will come , what is yours.

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