You can now use go pro hero 8 black as webcam

GoPro Inc.

GoPro Inc. Is an American technology company. It was established in 2002. The founder of the application is known as Nick Woodman.

GoPro manufactures the action cameras, mobile applications and also video-editing software. GoPro states their cameras to be the world’s most versatile action cameras of all times.

It seems that GoPro HERO8 Black can be used as a webcam or as a real time capturing camera. Though, it is not quite simple to switch that camera to a normal web camera. You must require some attachments to make it work that way.

GoPro HERO8 Black as Webcam

You can connect you GoPro HERO8 Blacinto a computer to use it as a webcam or as a recorder. If you adjust it as a webcam you can you can use it for and video recording or even for the video conferencing on zoom meeting or any other application.

You can one use it to record your self or record your blogs using this camera. So eventually, there are a lot of small or big reasons for the people to purchase or use it.

But there are somenaditional hardware you’ll need to attack to make it work the way you need it.

  • Media Mod
  • HDMI-to-USB Video Converter
  • HDMI Cable

Media Mod

It is an accessory for the new GoPro HERO8 Black. It has various features like it adds on a better microphone to the camera and also adds an external microphone. But, the most relevant thing here is that it adds on an HDMI-port to the HERO8 Black.

HDMI-to-USB video capture

It takes the HDMI signal from the GoPro or any other device that has a HDMI out and converts it to the USB signal. Some of the suggested converters for GoPro HERO8 black are Elagato Cam Link 4K, Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen2 and MavisLink HDMI Capture Card.

HDMI cable

The end of the cable with the smaller connector goes into the media mod. Whereas, the end with the larger connector goes into the HDMI capture device. The device is then ready to get plugged into the computers USB port.

It is a very exclusive model. You should try it.

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