Zoom Outage: Video conferencing platform, court proceedings and more

Zoom Outage: This pandemic is causing a lot of problems for everyone. However, one of the problems is being currently dealt with by online working.  Zoom is one of these online platforms that is influencing the working of many people around the world.

Video Conferencing


Video conferencing has always been one of the greatest struggles for us. The constant lag in-network, unavailability of network and the interference is causing hindrance and difficulties during the conversations. Also, people are facing the problem of how to operate the online platform.

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Even though Zoom is currently helping a lot of people, it is also suffering from these problems. earlier today, Zoom had received several reports of users not able to start their meetings. The company swiftly acknowledged the issue and solved it within minutes. Zoom quoted on its twitter handle:

Everything should be working properly now! We are continuing to monitor the situation. Thank you all for your patience and our sincere apologies for disrupting your day

Court proceedings: zoom outage

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting various sectors of society differently. The Judiciary is also one of such sectors influenced by this outbreak. However, it has not stopped the Law enforcement body from their duties. during this pandemic, the judicial system has managed to implement quite a few decisions, including the decision of Daughters Have Coparcenery Rights Even If Their Father Was Not Alive When Hindu Succession

major problem

Zoom is known to have been security issues, but its nightmare became worse when it announced that its end-to-end encryption would be for paid users only. According to some security experts, “Zoom is a malware”. Zoom is also under pressure from the public due to its recent incident.

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