A new Nokia smartphone variance TA – 1277

A new Nokia smartphone variance TA – 1277 (Nokia 6.3/Nokia 7.3 5G) passes FCC certification revealing size, specs, and battery capacity. The new Nokia smart phone has not yet officially been released. As result only schematics are available if that’s enough to confirm that it is new phone. The semantics make very clear that it is not a variant of the Nokia 8.3 5G. Though the new smartphones schematics have been released its official name is not yet available. This means that it could either be the Nokia 6.3 or Nokia 7.3 5G. These new Nokia smartphones are rumored to be in development with a scheduled release time fourth quarter 2000.

new Nokia smartphone



The schematics reveal that the new Nokia smartphone has one feature in common with its immediate predecessor. That being the battery with both phones slated to have the same energy storage. This means that the new smartphone will be the second Nokia smartphone a battery of this type. The battery supposed to be able to contain 4380 mAH worth of energy. The schematics also reveal a major difference, in their dimensions. The new Nokia smartphone is 165.85 mm by 76.3 mm whereas the 8.3 is 171.90 mm x 78.56 mm. This means that the new smart phone is slightly smaller than the 8.3 5G.


Possible features


The features the new Nokia smartphone will process depend on which new variant it is. If the new smart phone is the Nokia 7.3 5G the most prominent feature like this is 5G. It’s believed that Nokia is planning to bring 5G to an even lower price point than it already has. On the other hand, if the new Nokia smartphone is the Nokia 6.3 then the features will be different. Most notably this new smart phone is supposed to have a new processing program. Also, the Nokia 6.3 will possess a new and unique camera feature. The questions about the new Nokia smartphone will be answered by the end of 2020.

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