Alaska Airlines safety Dance :

Alaska Airlines safety Dance showed how to travel safely. Having fun dancing yet delivering a clear message about corona precautions. All we can say is an advertisement genius.

When the world has changed a lot during corona times one’s safety is the utmost priority. And We all wanted to make sure that wherever we are going that place has followed such corona safety protocols. Alaska Airlines assured their passenger such safety with the help of their dancing staff.

Let’s get into more details about the video And how they will keep their passengers safe from Covid-19.

Alaska Airline’s staff Dancing!

Alaska Airlines released a music video on their official  YouTube channel. In the video, all staff was wearing mask pilots and the cabin crew was dancing on 80s tune. Lyrics clearly stating to wash your hand. They gave you permission to even dance but only if you were wearing a mask. They also are disinfecting the cabin air every 2 minutes.

Watch video – Alaska safety Dance

In this video, they have created their own version of the 80s favorite song Men without Hats. Delivering a loud and clear message that if you are not wearing a mask, you are not welcomed at this Airlines.

Alaska Airlines safety Dance

Alaska Airlines safety Dance to keep you safe from the ongoing pandemic.

A Great initiative :

At these times when all we want to ensure the safety of our near and dear ones this is indeed a great initiative by airlines. They have not only did it in a fun way but on a serious note they have also conveyed an important message. “wear a mask or don’t come at all”. In dancing, video staff has asked travelers to watch their hands frequently as well.

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  • Alaska Airlines safety Dance video is all everyone talking about.
  • In this video Airline’s staff members were dancing and explaining safety precautions on the 80s hit song Man without a hat.
  • Lyrics like you can dance but wear a mask is something people really need to hear for safety.
  • A fun way to tackle such problems.

What do you think about this dance video?