Thor: Love and Thunder causes Christian Bale to Supposedly Return to the MCU

Thor: Love and Thunder is bringing a lot of things back for superhero fans. First of all, it brings back Thor in all of his glory. Second, it may be bringing back another actor that’s been anticipated to make a comeback. Christian Bale.

The star from Batman has declared himself that he’ll be making the hop from DC to Marvel. As of now, the studio has finally revealed who the American Psycho actor will be playing. He will be playing Gorr the God Butcher. From this name alone, you can tell that he will be fitting this role quite nicely.

He should be a perfect role fit for someone who’s going up against the God of Thunder. And with an actor like Christian Bale, we all know the MCU will be using this character, as well as Bale, simply more than once. Thor: Love and Thunder will feature not only this great actor and character, but will feature the four heroes from the Guardians of the Galaxy series.

We’re not sure where Bale will exactly pop up after Thor: Love and Thunder, but we do know he simply won’t be put down like a toy on the shelf after he’s done.

Is Christian Bale in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Thor: Love and Thunder

However, this isn’t the only time DC has made a switch over to the Marvel side of things. He follows Michael Keaton’s role as Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming. He will reprise this character in Morbius and more. Because if there’s one thing that Marvel gets right about characters, it’s keeping them: dead or alive. If it won’t happen with Marvel, we all know it will happen with DC.

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Christian Bale is no stranger to superhero movies. After playing someone like Bruce Wayne and Batman, this kind of role should be easy for him. However, it may prove to be difficult in the coming days of production. You see, Gorr is different from the other kinds of characters Bale has played. Whole Bale is used to morally ambiguous characters, he usually has some common ground with them. And by common ground, we mean humanity, not anything else. In American Psycho the character was most definitely human. In Batman, yep, human. But a God Killer? Not human. Not even close. So Bale might have to step up his game to properly act like this guy. Because who can get down to earth with someone that edgy? Not everyone.

Let’s hope he can pull it off. His backstory is pretty tragic.

Can Christian Bale pull off the role?

Thor: Love and Thunder

Gorr is a relentless killing machine that goes around the universe hunting down gods. Obviously, he will be a pivotal point for Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder. Whether he will be a main antagonist or simply a sideshow has yet to actually be confirmed. He was once a happy man with a family.

However, when he lost that family, he decided to take out his unending anger on every deity that has ignored his pleas for help. In Thor: Love and Thunder, this will likely lead him to the main conflict involving Thor. This also might tie in to each and every one of the Guardians of the Galaxy member’s storylines. Gorr’s power mostly comes from his weapon, the Necrosword. It grants the wielder the power of speed, flight, and immense strength. They can also command an army of shadow berserkers that destroy enemies at their master’s command. He will most definitely be creating a big part of the upcoming plot. And while we don’t have any details now, I’m sure we’ll have something soon, for sure.

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He can fire off tendrils even. So there are going to be many differences  between the other roles Bale was used to playing and this one. For one thing, this character has powers, and none of the characters Bale has ever played before did. So once again, Bale seems to be out of his element. One thing that’s good about actors though, is that they can acclimate to many different elements. That’s why they’re called actors I suppose.

When will Thor: Love and Thunder be released?

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to arrive sometime in spring of 2022. It is anticipated to begin production soon.