Fans supports Erin Napier after she Received “cruel comments” about her daughter’s hair

Erin Napier Received cruel comments
Erin Napier Received cruel comments

Erin Napier Received Cruel comments:

Erin Napier Received Cruel comments about her daughter’s hair.

Celebrities are prone to hate comments and backlash. They show their life publicly because they are public figures. But it does not mean you can say whatever you want to and judge them on the basis of just one photo.

Recently Erin Napier got attacked by one such comment where one Instagram user-targeted her 3 years old daughter Helen because of her hair.
Let’s see what Mommy Erin Napier had to say about this Nasty Remarks.

Erin Napier’s Response :

Erin Napier Received cruel comments
Erin Napier Received cruel comments for her daughter’s hair 

She is not the one who would just sit back and let the haters hate their heart content. So, when haters pointed out Helen’s hair and precautions they are taking in this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic just after looking at one picture. She posted pictures of her show set where people were wearing masks and following all social distancing protocols.

Erin wrote about how they are keeping safe their daughter by going through regular testing and everything possible. Now She also deleted her daughter’s Instagram account. Quoting it is their job and Erin and her husband are trying to be as normal as possible around their daughter after going through all this.

Fans supporting Erin and her daughter:

Erin Napier Received cruel comments and After addressing this issue and she turned off her Instagram comment section. As we know Erin deleted Helen’s Instagram account as well. But her fans started supporting her on Twitter.

Fans are writing about how they just can’t take their eyes off Helen. How beautiful she is and how some people are just ignorant. Not even spared 3 years old toddler.

However, this is not the first time Erin and Helen became targets of hate comments. Back in 2018 also when Helen was an infant someone wrote she is so red. Then also Erin clapped back and said we are also humans mind your words. And turned off the comment section.

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  • Erin Napier got nasty comments on her daughter’s hair and she shut down the haters in most epic way
  • Her fans completely supported her and called haters just. Ignorant
  • However, she turned off the Instagram comment section and deleted Helen’s Instagram account