Alexandra Grant And Keanu Reeves Enjoying Some Autumn Moment Together!

Keanu Reeves is busy shooting for Metrix 4. The actor is working on the schedule in Berlin for his upcoming movie. But in all the busy schedules giving enough time to girlfriend Alexandra Grant falls under his priority.

The Metrix 4 star thus made great co-ordination between his work life and personal life. And seems he is managing that well as often seen with Alexandra Grant on different occasions on the roads of Berlin.

Keanu Reeves spent every weekend with lady love. And they spend some quality time together by doing shopping to strolling hand in hand on the roads of Berlin in the beautiful Autumn.

The couple is really adorable and never fails to amaze with their strong bond and connection. In an interview, Keanu revealed that they are best friends and can debate over things for an hour.

And they respect each other as an individual, that is what makes their bond strong. And it growing stronger every day. No one is sure about how they started dating each other but that hardly matters when you are deeply in love with each other.

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant has recently seen strolling on the road post-shopping. Both were in simple and casual attire while Keanu was holding three heavy bags and all smiling with Grant.

Alexandra Grant
Keanu and Alexandra In Berlin

He was in denim and black jacket and head covered in a grey cap, looking handsome in his new look. As recently he chopped off his lock and clean-shaven for the Metrix 4 look. Alexandra Grant was wearing a blue puffer jacket, black t-shirt beneath. She paired it with grey leggings.

Both seemed to relax and chill in the awesome autumn weather. Keanu and Grantmaking it for quite a long and are very much mature about their relationship. They are having a great time together in Berlin in the middle of the shoot for Metrix 4.

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