Top-5 Most Famous sports activities in Australia (2020)

Sport is without doubt one of the hottest actions in Australia has few sports activities that famend all over the place the globe.  It’s acknowledged for its success in quite a few cricket sporting occasions.  However, there are regional variations in sports activities. For Instance, Rugby League is the notable soccer code in Sydney, whereas Melbourne is for Australian Football. Besides it, a … Read more

What are the components of the criminal justice system in Australia?

Every country, state, and territory develop a criminal justice system that justice the problems of injury and molestation of the community.  Criminals are punished through fines, community services, and imprisonment. The Criminal Justice system is based on laws and ruling that protect citizens from criminal affairs. The criminal justice system came from England.  At that … Read more

Why Traveling is an important part of our life?

Traveling is a great opportunity to do something different and interesting. You’ll enjoy lots of physical experiences that make your memory incredible adventures. You can remove your stress like the loss of love, job requirements through traveling because lots of fun activities will make your life wonder and peaceful.   If you’re feeling bored with … Read more

The Social and Economical life of Norway

Norway is the largest country located in Northern Europe. It is one of the best countries because of the extremely low rate of crime cases in the world. It is known for high living standard and rich economy. According to the United Nations Human Development Report, Norway always a high ranked country to live in. … Read more

Is Australia’s life really good when compared to India?

Australia is approximately 7,741,220 sq km, while India is approximately 3,287,263 sq km, which makes Australia 135% larger than India. People of both countries pay taxes. As compared to India, Australia is safe, clean air and water. But Indians food is much better and cheaper. Furthermore, India is not safe and you can’t earn money as … Read more

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) In India

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Coronavirus comes from the Latin word ‘CORONA’ which means ‘Crown’. The virus has a number of crown-like shape and spikes on its surface. Coronavirus is an infectious virus that can cause both in animals and humans.  In 2019, it was identified as the cause of mysterious diseases that originated in China. … Read more