Away Review: Barely Fiction?

Away is a three-year journey, a first manned mission to Mars. An international team of Astronauts leads by Emma Green (Hillary Swank) sets out for the mission. Away review is that it’s an emotionally compelling drama that shows the longest space mission in history. The characters all have their own interesting backstories which unfold slowly as they go farther into space.  The storyline is divided into two parts as it shows the journey for a mission to Mars and gripping Family drama which is just as enthralling as the mission.

The star of the show Emma Green leaves her husband and daughter to go on this mission. And almost instantly we see that her husband encounters many problems with him needing medical attention and their daughter acting out. Away review suggests that calling it fiction isn’t right as it has a strong base in reality. Emma has a dysfunctional family but she is so mission-driven she refuses to accept the reality of leaving her family behind. And her daughter rebels because she feels abandoned. Real enough.

Away review
Dynamics of Away

Every character has a deeper dynamic. They have their own problems and stories which are as interesting as the main plot. At first, each episode explores a character but as we move forward its about teamwork and how they all come together. Away shows what all could really go wrong on a mission of this magnitude. And while we are aware of how much time has passed and how such a long journey will affect the astronauts the show itself is not that bothered with time.

The storyline and its visualization may not have appealed to all. As some Away reviews suggest that Emma is to mission-focused and not that devoted to her family. The actors themselves have done an outstanding job of playing their characters. Hillary has captured the essence of Emma stunningly.  Bateman has also delivered a strong compelling performance that moves the audience.  Matt and Alexis are the emotional aspects of Away.

While the story of Away may be familiar with its genre popular enough for the past two years it has its own uniqueness. It has characters you would like to follow and the stories you want to hear. You should give it a try and see for yourselves.

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