Mulan’s Available on Disney+: Starting September 4

Let your inner child out! The live-action movie Mulan’s available on Disney + starting September 4 It was originally scheduled to debut in theaters in March, but now it will exclusively stream on Disney+.

Before the pandemic, Mulan even had a Hollywood premiere event.   But unlike other movies available on the platform you will have to pay extra to watch Mulan.  Just having the subscription is not enough. You will have to buy premiere access for an extra $30 to stream the movie.  For those who have not seen the original. Mulan is based on a Chinese Folk tale.  It follows a Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. It basically shows that a woman poses as a man to go to war with Huns instead of her father.

Remake Vs Original

Though this live-action will have the same storyline, the remake is different from the original. It will be more serious and its rated PG-13. Unlike the original’s musical performances this version will be more realistic retelling.  It will also have more sequences of violence.  While the new version lacks the original’s musical styling it does feature a new version of “Reflection”. The new version has been updated by the original artist Christina Aguilera only. Interesting Fact “Reflection” was Christina Aguilera’s first single. The critics think that the remake is ‘Vibrant, exciting and emotional.’

Mulan's available on disney+
Premiere Access Benefits

Since Mulan’s available on Disney+ premiere access means you will be able to watch in ultra-high-definition and this time you will also get the same immersive sound experience as a theatre. But unlike a regular movie which you pay to watch only once you can watch Mulan countless times till you have Disney+ subscription. You can watch it anytime and pause in between and continue whenever you feel like. While the premiere access delivers the same thrill of watching the movie in a theatre, its better you can watch it in the comfort of your home. You will experience exactly the same high-definition picture quality and big, bold sound you’d get in a multiplex.

Remember Mulan’s on Disney+ starting September 4.

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