Bella Thorne Earned $2 million in a week from Onlyfans

Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans subscription only platform and made $2 million in less than a week.

What is OnlyFans :

OnlyFans is a platform where influencers reveal themselves more to their fans- quite literally. It is more realistic than other social media platforms. And, it is a paid platform where people have to subscribe to specific pages, well, pages of influencers they wish to follow. The content can be of any type, from Softcore to X Rated content. The minimum fee for subscription of one month for any page is $4.99, but the creator of the page can charge anything they wish.

Bella Thorne Earned $2 Million from OnlyFans in less than a week :

Bella Thorne disclosed on Instagram that she will be making an account on OnlyFans and what type of content will she post. She specified that there will be NO Nudity on her page. She added that she will charge $20 per month as a subscription fee.

Bella Thorne

It is incredible that she has so many fans who are willing to pay to see exclusive images. Also a fun fact, the first Million she made was in the first 24 hours. She also said that this is one platform where she can be herself without being bullied or being censored. Bella Thorne said that OnlyFans is the only platform where can fully control her image.

She told the L.A. Times that the proceeds from her OnlyFans page will be used for charity and her production company. Bella Thorne concludes that she is also using OnlyFans as research for a feature film she wants to make with Sean Baker. Sean Baker is best known for the feature films Starlet, Tangerine and The Florida Project. The money being used from OnlyFans for charity adds to her fame even more. And, I think there will be countless subscribers on her page in a bit more time.

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