Bill Gates unsure about Microsoft- TikTok’s deal?

Bill Gates unsure about Microsoft-TikTok's deal?
Bill Gates unsure about Microsoft-TikTok's deal?

We recently heard about Microsoft wanting to acquire TikTok and make it a US-owned company. However, Microsoft-TikTok’s deal was not going to be a smooth plan.

Microsoft-TikTok’s deal proceedings so far

Microsoft-TikTok's deal
Microsoft-TikTok’s deal

TikTok was getting banned in many countries, including India, on doubts of leaking important security data to China. However, Microsft came to the rescue, offering to acquire it as their own social platform, and hence make it a US-owned company. This would have given the other countries a sigh of relief and might have even led to the lifting of the bans on the app.

But the deal first came to a halt when President Trump announced that he would, in no way, allow TikTok to function in the US. His even pronounced of his authority to do that. But discussions in the White House are more in favour of making TikTok US-owned, a close source remarks.

The other day, there were speculations of how Microsoft is looking to acquire TikTok assets only in Australia, New Zealand and North America. Many even believed that Microsoft would also acquire TikTok India if the Indian government lifts the ban on the app.

However, neither TikTok nor Microsoft had made any of this clear, until now.

Bill Gates’ stand

In a recent interview with The Wired, Bill Gates just revealed some information about Microsoft-TikTok’s deal. He referred to it as a “poisoned chalice” and said, “who knows what’s going to happen with that deal”. The Microsoft co-founder also mentioned that being in the social media business is “no simple deal”. Elaborating, he said, “This may sound self-serving, but I think that the game being more competitive is a good thing.”

Gates had a very negative answer on being asked whether he thinks that Microsoft-TikTok’s deal will be sealed. Gates replied that even he is very unsure of things and accepts that he is as confused as everyone, trying to know what went through Trump, Microsoft and TikTok in these last few days. He said, “I agree that the principle this is proceeding on is singly strange. The cut thing, that’s doubly strange. Anyway, Microsoft will have to deal with all of that.”

Microsoft had earlier confirmed of the very likely Microsoft-TikTok’s deal on a blog post. Microsoft also mentioned that the deal might be closed before 15th September.

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