Boy with rare form of cancer receives PS5, thanks to corbett fire donations

Corbett fire donation has announces that they will make a great christmas for an sick boy who was suffering with rare cancer as the boy rccives PS5 from Corbett fire donation. As we all know the play station is in trend today.

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As of now Corbett fire donation has not revealed the boy name they have kept it an anonymous. they have went to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital which is located  in Portland. The boy was wishing to buy the Playstation 5 but due to the sudden health problem his wish not come true

This year, he was wishing for a PlayStation 5. As all the game lovers know that ps5 has a great hype in the market as new gaming console is very difficult to find for fire department because they were not getting the original price

The new gaming console has been hard to find this year and the fire department was having a difficult time finding one available at its original price, without the price being marked up online. After all they finally received a help from cascade station which is among the best store. As soon fire department sent the Christmas chicken purchase from best store and store manager finally they donate the ps5 and other accessories finally they give the ps5 to the boy. Approx the total donation was around $700.00, said by Tessie Adams with the fire department and Corbett fire was also supported $6,000 to the boy family.

Thanks to community who has taken big initiative at this pandemic as this is the very crucial time to survive and Corbett department has done a donation as well know there is no work to do people are doing their business and jobs online while the Adams said the fire department has done a great work for a boy as said by Adam that people have no work still the Corbett fire donation give its best

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