Remake of Mr Hong Kim Seo Ho and Shin Min Ah offered to be star in the remake of Mr Hong well from our sources

Kim Seo Ho and Shin Min Ah offered to be star in the remake of Mr Hong well from our sources reported that kim Seo ho will be work in the drama of remake of Mr. Hong and Shin Min Ah will be playing the female lead role. well earlier  a romantic comedy film has been released in 2004.

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The story start from Hong Doo Shik a person who do his job at very difficult situation around his town and Yoon Hye Jin a city dentist who further opens a dental clinic in a small town.

Well the drama is to be written by Shin Ha Eun as this has confirmed in the discussion on air on TV N in mid of 2021

Kim Seon Ho has boost his perfomance with his next project. There is a report on 21st December almost itan ending the year and Kim seon hong hasbeen geard to remake the romentic comedy film  gearing up for his next project Mr. Hong, Kim Seon ho has ooferd the role as Hong Doo Shik a person who is very kind and he is happy to find himself in troubles and problem to help in out to others that they can easily come out or face the problem in a great way.

Hong Doo Shik is happy to work at very minimum wages/salary and he not see the task he only believe to handle all the task and situation very responsibly as earlier i have mentioned that he is very kind hearted person as he speaks very politely with children to elder or from his loving ones so here the tweet below take a look

Hope the Seon-Ho and Shin Min both will be agree to work together in the romentic drama fill and this is the first time for both Seon-Ho and Shin Min working together first time in the film

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