Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie’s Babylon Fails to Impress Audiences

Babylon, the highly anticipated science fiction drama from creator Franck Spotnitz, fails to impress audiences upon its release. The series premiered on Amazon Prime Video in late 2021 and has been met with mixed reviews and low ratings.

Criticism and Issues with Babylon

One of the main criticisms of Babylon is its convoluted plot. The show centers around a group of police officers in a futuristic London. As they try to solve crimes and maintain order in a society that is grappling with advanced technology and cultural changes. However, many viewers have found the plot confusing and hard to follow, with too many subplots and characters.

Another reason why Babylon fails is its lack of compelling characters. Despite a talented cast, including Bertie Carvel, Jill Halfpenny, and Paterson Joseph. The characters on the show are facing massive criticism for being one-dimensional and lacking depth. As per the majority of the viewer opinion, the characters are often poorly written and their motivations are not always clear.

In addition to its weak plot and characters, Babylon has also been criticized for its lack of originality. The show also has accusations of borrowing heavily from other science fiction works, such as the movies Blade Runner and The Fifth Element, without bringing anything new to the table.

Fans Disappointed as Babylon Fails

Babylon flops

One of the major disappointments for fans of the show has been its failure to address social and political issues in a meaningful way. Babylon fails takes place in a dystopian future where various factions fight for power. But it fails to delve into these issues in a nuanced or insightful manner. Instead, the show relies on superficial plot twists and action sequences to drive the story, leaving viewers feeling unfulfilled.


Overall, Babylon has been a major disappointment for many viewers. The fans and viewers had high hopes for the series based on its impressive production values and talented cast. While it may have some entertaining moments, its weak plot and characters, lack of originality, and failure to address deeper themes have left audiences feeling underwhelmed.

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