New Year Poem 2023 – Sweet and Short

Here is a simple New Year poem for 2023:

NEW YEAR POEM 2023 Image Format
NEW YEAR POEM 2023 Image Format

A new year, a fresh start
A chance to turn over a new leaf
To chase our dreams and mend our hearts
To make a better life, to find relief

A new year, a time to grow
To learn and to love, to let go
Of the past, with all its pain
And embrace the present, without any strain

A new year, a time to hope
To find joy and to cope
With the challenges that may come our way
And to make the most of each and every day

So let us celebrate this new year
With open hearts and no fear
And let us look ahead, with optimism and cheer
To a bright and beautiful future, that is very clear

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