BTS ‘Dynamite’ video to be premiered in Fortnite

Fornite, a production of the Epic Games, is believed to feature the K-pop stars BTS. The BTS are going to be performing an exclusively new music video with an epic and promising choreography on the battle grounds of Fortnite.

BTS 'Dynamite' video to be premiered in Fortnite
BTS ‘Dynamite’ video to be premiered in Fortnite

Epic Games collaborated with the BTS for the music-video premiere; scheduled on Friday, September 25, 8 pm EDT; at the main stage of the Party Royale Island in Fortnite. Party Royale Island is a social space where players can meet friends to watch movies, concerts, or just hang out and not indulge in any combat.

Owing to the collaboration, the players can attend the “Dynamite (Tropical Remix)” party; with karaoke graphics to sing and dance along with the premiere.

“Dynamite” is BTS’ first full album in the English language. The album has achieved success and appreciation from fans all around the globe. Dynamite premiered on August 30 and has so far received over 101.1 million views; setting a record of the most watched music video on Youtube within 24 hours of its release.

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BTS fans, popularly also known as the BTS Army, can download the game Fortnite for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Android through

Sadly, Apple users will miss the premiere. The BTS video will not be available in Fortnite for them. Apple booted Epic games from the App Store after the gaming company declined to change its 20 percent discount for Fortnite players who bought in-app game currency directly; bypassing Apple’s payment scheme. As of now, the two companies are in talks over the issue, however, haven’t settled on a conclusion yet.

Furthermore, post the premiere, the players can buy a pack of two choreographed emotes. These new elements will allow players to put some BTS style to the game. The “BTS Dynamic Pack” will cost 800 V-bucks.

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