Microsoft acquires ZeniMax Media, expanding Xbox

Microsoft has acquired the ZeniMax media for $7.5 billion. The move is believed to be a big step in the gaming industry; as it will upgrade and enhance Microsoft’s Xbox line.

Microsoft acquires ZeniMax Media
Microsoft acquires ZeniMax Media

The launch of its next video gaming consoles is scheduled in the month of November. The $500 Xbox Series X and $300 Xbox Series S, both are believed to have better visual effects and faster gameplay in comparison to the previous ones.

The move was announced by the team working for Microsoft’s Xbox wing; on Monday.

Sony has also planned to launch its $500 PlayStation 5 and $400 disc-less PlayStation 5 Digital Edition during the same time. The two leading companies are going to have a really close competition.

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Bethesda Softworks, the producers of the Fallout games and the Elder Scrolls series, among other noteworthy game developers in the industry, is owned by Microsoft.

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, commented, “As an established developer and publisher of games, Bethesda has seen success in all types of games, and together, we will continue our ambition to empower the world’s more than three billion gamers.”

With this step, Microsoft now has 23 in house Xbox game developers; earlier it had only 15. Microsoft however plans to operate Bethesda, with unchanged leadership and structure, as its own division.

Undoubtedly, this has give Microsoft control over the popular franchises of the industry.

Microsoft has earlier tried to acquire some stakes in Tik Tok, a social network based out of China that has over a 100 million users in the US itself. The network has till date attracted more than 2 billion downloads from around the world. Microsoft however failed in its efforts.

On the grounds of national security, President Donald Trump had earlier said, that he would ban the app in the country if it could not find itself a stake holder based out of the US.

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