Captain Marvel 2 Delayed until late November 2022: Second movie may out-preform the first by a landslide

Captain Marvel 2 is anticipated to go even farther, better, and more profitably than the first one. However, fans may need to wait a small bit before they can feast their eyes on more supergirl material yet.

In January 2020 we got our confirmation that a Captain Marvel 2 was indeed in the works. Megan McDonnell, one of the writers for the great Disney+ show WandaVision, is working on the script. However, this script has a drastic change from the first one produced for the first Captain Marvel. This new upcoming movie may spark a different tune for Marvel fans to sing in the theaters this coming 2022.

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The co-writers for Captain Marvel were replaced by Candyman director Nia Da Costa for Captain Marvel 2. This is a bit of an overdue prospect: a black woman directing a Marvel movie. Many casting decisions have been happening lately on this movie’s scene, so keep reading to learn more.

When will Captain Marvel 2 release?

Captain Marvel 2

The release date, or rather, estimated release date for Captain Marvel 2 has yet to be confirmed. Disney has shifted the release dates around, resulting in many dates being pushed back or almost canceled. Captain Marvel 2 makes no exception. Marvel’s Phase 4 is not an uneventful one. Black Widow was pushed back to November 2020, making it the earliest installment in the new phase.

Black Panther has also been reported to take the Captain Marvel 2 original release date. Originally, Captain Marvel 2 was supposed to be in July, but now it is reported to be releasing in November of 2022. This will mark the latest an Marvel movie has been released and simultaneously revealed.

We aren’t sure when the filming will start, but it likely will be soon as of the date of this article.

Who will be in Captain Marvel 2?

Captain Marvel 2

As you could’ve guessed, Brie Larson will be returning as her role playing Carol Danvers. It would be surprising to not see Lashana Lynch return as Maria Rambeau. As of now, Lynch is yet to be officially announced as a participant in the sequel. The movie is supposed to be given a time jump of twenty years, so maybe that has something to do with the casting. Additionally, her role could be recast due to this.

Monica Rambeau has been recast in the MCU before. Teyonah Parris will play a more mature version of her in the upcoming Disney+ show WandaVision. Parris will reprise this role in Captain Marvel 2. Iman Vellani will be showing up at the Marvel scene to play as Ms Marvel. Additionally, Ms Marvel will also be a show for Disney+ of the same name in late 2021.

We are confident Gemma Chan (Minn-Erva) will not be returning. There are also possibilities that Fury won’t be around for this one, since the time change does have an effect on the overall universe. Who would replace him in this instance? We aren’t sure who the recast member would be at this moment.

What will the Captain Marvel 2 plot be about?

Captain Marvel 2

This Captain Marvel movie will take place in the MCU present day. Everything will be caught up to where we last were in the series when we left Endgame. This would mean the year, at this time, would be 2023. The plot is tricky. While she did help out in the final epic battle during Endgame, she wasn’t exactly a major role in the film. As of now, it’s tricky to determine what the plot for this next movie will be.

Additionally, she isn’t tied to Earth. She helped many other planets and how they were dealing with the Snap for almost the entirety of the movie Endgame. While she was intimately involved in Endgame’s final battle and did show for Tony Stark’s memorial, that was the last we saw of her in the film. Who knows what she’s up to now? It’s anyone’s guess.

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The only thing we can hope for hint wise, is the new material we will be presented with in the upcoming shows from Marvel. WandaVision is a good indicator. Ms Marvel as well might hold some major hints towards our next Captain Marvel movie. Because as we know, Monica does eventually take the role of Captain Marvel. Sorry if that was a spoiler to any of you.

If we come to know anything more, we’ll be sure to update this article. Keep a bookmark on this page if you want to be updated, and comment below to let us know if this article helped you!