How Artificial Intelligence works..? “AI with machines will be working for humans and giving a more luxurious life”- Explained


Artificial intelligence is a fascinating technology and most growth in demand nowadays. We are witnessing a lot of technological advancements and it is indeed making our lives easier and faster. The concept of artificial intelligence was started back in the 1950s by a group of scientists. They were thinking as if is it possible to … Read more

High school students discovered four Exoplanets, including a super-Earth planet

Students discovered Four Exoplanets

Students discovered Four Exoplanets : High schoolers Jasmine Wright, 18, and Kartik Pinglé, 16 Aced the Research program when found 4 Exoplanets. These Students discovered Four Exoplanets, as they participated in a Research program called SRMP ( Student Research Mentoring program), Harvard and Smithsonian, the center of Astrophysics. This allows students interested in this field … Read more

International space station (ISS)Astronauts Detect Blue Lighting Through European ASIM

ISS Detect blue lightning through European ASIM

ISS Detect blue lightning : Astronauts of ISS detect blue lighting from clouds to the stratosphere. They have detected 5 blue lights shooting up right from clouds that create thunderstorms directly 50 Km above the earth’s surface i.e, stratosphere. However, each 5 of blue lighting’s only lasted for 10 milliseconds or less. Let’s find out … Read more

Rock Formation that looks like Cookie Monster could be worth more than $10,000

Cookie Monster Rock Worth more than $10,000

Me want cookie! (Famous phrase of Cookie Monster) modified. And Rare rock collectors are quoting “Me want Cookie Monster Rock!” Nowadays.  And Be it at a price of $10,000 or more. Wondering why? And what is so special about this Rock? That, People wanted to pay this much amount just for mere Rock.  Let’s find … Read more

Zenith’s New and improved Chronomaster sport, that can measure Time down to One-tenth of a second

Zenith chronomaster sport

Zenith Chronomaster sport : Zenith Chronomaster sport can measure time Down to One-Tenth of a second. First introduced in 1969 as EI primero chronograph now its more revived and improved.  So that it can compete with the biggest watchmakers today. This is a watch with the ability to measure the 10th of second with the … Read more

Amazon will Let companies Build voice Assistants on Alexa

Voice Assistants on Alexa

Voice Assistants on Alexa: we all know that Alexa is a Virtual assistant, by Amazon. Now Amazon will let companies Build Voice assistants on Alexa. This smart speaker, nowadays friends of many will let help other companies. It like expanding or sharing software. Voice Assistant simply means it functions on one’s vocal command. Now that … Read more