Chris Stapleton Releases New Track: Arkansas Is All Set To Rock!

Chris Stapleton releases new track
Chris Stapleton releases new track

Chris Stapleton releases new track, superhit Arkansas. The album is one of the most favorite this tear and most awaited. The superstar releases the 3rd teaser and the full album is going to release on 11th November 2020.

Chris Stapleton for the new album made collaboration with Mike Campbell. Mike Campbell is a part of Tom Pretty and the most famous Heartbreakers, where Chris is also a part. The new song is a follow-up of his Starting over and Cold.

Chris Stapleton releases a new track and he also revealed the background of the song. The star from Heartbreakers started to sing starting over in a live show in 2019. And the song is always close to his heart, also one of the most loved songs.

About Chris Stapleton releases new track, Arkansas, he said that he was driving off the car crossed by his wife. The car he got as a gift from his wife on his birthday. But to get that he had to travel till Oklahoma.

The car was a superfast sports car and he was riding back the beast home Nashville. Chris anyway has a great love for sports cars. And during the journey, he drove it recklessly in the up-down of the way, and he enjoyed the journey very much.

So that was a great experience for Chris Stapleton and his new track is all about the journey. And that makes the track near to his heart and he is excited while releasing the teaser.

Chris Stapleton releases new track
Arkansas is here

Starting over is another song from the album and written by Campbell. Fellow Heartbreaker mate Benmont Tench is also a part of the album and basically a well-formed collaboration of some great singers of all time.

Chris Stapleton releases new track and loved by fans around the world. Now the waiting is for the full album in November. Gear up!

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