New iPhone 12 May Already Have a Major Problem

The Apple iPhone 12 launched recently and it’s gotten Apple fans excited. However, now Apple documentation has confirmed the first details of the next iPhone, and it’s confirmed some major bad news. You might want to give up on the idea of an iPhone 12 altogether.

Initially, this discovery was spotted on Twitter and has been confirmed by the company. On page 71 of an Apple settlement fulfilling with Qualcomm reveals that the Apple’s 5G plans for the next four years involve some changes to the already existing iPhone 12 model. Moreover, it confirms the Apple will be using Qualcomm’s radically upgraded modem in 2021. This means essentially that the 12 will be replaced by a future iPhone, the iPhone 13. While this is nothing new in principle, many people question why. Why replace a phone before it is even launched? Below we have, what we think, is the answer.

The iPhone 12 modern modem and hardware not only carry a big price whenever you buy it, but also a significant power drain. There has been a rumor lately that the battery life is immensely low, topping at maybe 2 hours. This limitation has forced Apple into multiple compromises with big consequences. The first cost was pretty cutting. The weightiest decision that Apple has ever made concerning their iPhones used to be the removal of the headphone jack, but now we’re moving on to something much worse.

iPhone 12: Battery Blues?

Smaller batteries are now being put in the new iPhones, which may further upset people that have been devout fans for years. The iPhone has always been known as something that has had a short battery life. Usually androids are superior in this stat and has been a great competition for iPhone in the recent years. This new decision to get a higher-powered modem may prove completely arbitrary and terrible business decision as time goes on.

However, as it stands right now there is no absolute confirmation that this battery life estimation is true. These are only, after all, guesses. We will see how well the iPhone 12 performs in the future once we get our hands on it and when it can be officially tested by the audience. However, due to Apple’s often lack of good judgment, you may want to hold off on getting this iPhone 12 until we see what it actually has to offer.