Cricket World Cup 2023, the Long march.

The 2023 Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be played in three years and for the first time ever will be completely held in India. It will also be the second World Cup do use the new four-year interlude/qualification system. One big question that needs to be answered is How will the coronavirus pandemic effect who qualifies for the cup.

Host and qualifiers

Probably the most historic part of the ICC men’s cricket World Cup 2023 is that it is said to be completely hosted by India. This marks the first time in the country’s history where all the matches of the cup will be held at venues within its borders. In all previous events India has shared this honor with its neighbors. Also, under the rules that were introduced in the 2019 World Cup the host country India Automatically qualifies for the cup.

As for the other nine, seven will be filled by the top seven teams from the 2020 to 2022 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League. The last two slots will be filled by the top two teams from the 2022 cricket World Cup qualifiers. This will be the second world cup with only 10 teams 8 of which will be full members ICC.

With the other two slots being played for by Associates member’s and the five-member teams that did not manage to win spots during super league.

Many players having their last world cup

Another aspect of the qualifiers (in regards to the four years) is will certain players managed to stay in the game long enough for one more World Cup. One such competitor is Mushfiqur Rahim a batsman for Bangladesh who has stated he wants to represent them in the World Cup one more time.

While an outstanding player and one of the top-rated Bangladesh team members Mushfiqur at 32 years of age has his work cut out for him. The same is true all players who have seen previous World Cups and want to play for their teams again in 2023. Not only will they have to worry about potentially losing their position on the team to new rookie players but time is also against them.

The average length of a cricket players career is 10 to 15 years depending on their position. this means for players like Mushfiqur who are currently in the latter years of their careers the chances of being able to see the next World Cup are low. Though if Mushfiqur manages to make it on the team all the way to the quarterfinals it’ll be another first for the World Cup.

Effects of the coronavirus

With so much immediate effect from the coronavirus pandemic it sometimes difficult to imagine what the long-term effect may be. One possible consequence for the World Cup could be which teams managed to secure positions during the super league. With some test series having already been postponed such as England vs. Sri Lanka and others could pose severe issues for the league ranking.

The games would either have to be rescheduled closer to other matches or potentially canceled altogether. The effect of the former on the teams would be to deny them the appropriate rest between matches. The cancellation option would mean the potential loss of league points which would drop certain teams that weren’t able to play down the ranking. In other words, a team that could have been ranked high in the super league might not.

Thus have to play for one of the two slots during the qualifiers. Whatever the fallout from the coronavirus there is still a three-year journey before the next team manages to claim the title of world champions.

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