Exclusive Offer Extended on Mi Wireless Earbuds 2

MI wireless earbuds 2

Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has extended the exclusive offer of the Mi True Wireless Earbuds 2 to 20 May 2020.

For a limited time, MI TWS Earbuds 2 were available for the low price of Rs. 3,999. After the promo period, the price was to jump to Rs. 4,499.

Xiaomi launched the MI TWS earbuds on 08 May 2020 alongside the MI 10 5G and the Mi Box. The offer was only supposed to run until 17 May.

However, latecomers are in luck. As lockdown measures were lessened in India, the extended price offer came to lift our spirits further. Are the Mi TWS Earbuds 2 worth jumping for? Right now?

The Scoop on Mi TWS 2

The launch window is closing!

Until 20 May 2020, the Mi TWS Earbuds 2 are available on Amazon India and Mi India store. After 20 May, the price will increase from Rs. 3,999 to Rs. 4,499. Well, what’re you waiting for?

Xiaomi – Made For Mi!

Founded in 2010, Xiaomi holds more footing than young companies like Realme and OnePlus. But at just about 10 years old, it bagged the title for youngest Fortune 500 Company just last year.

Since the launch of its first smartphone in 2011, Xiaomi has been slinging everything from TVs to full-on brands.

With the introduction of sub-brands and series like Poco, Redmi, and MI, Xiaomi offers a product for every person under the sun. With ranges of prices, colors, and specs, users may find themselves with so many to choose from. And hey, if they don’t like one, there are tons more to be explored.

That’s not as true of the earbuds we see today though. Although the Mi Wireless Earbuds 2 boasts compatibility across all mobile brands and devices, they are only available in white.

Xiaomi relies on users to cherish their relationship with their Xiaomi products, while presenting a product not too different from others on the market.

But what makes these different from any other totally wireless earbuds?

Get the Look!

Similar to Apple AirPods and Realme Buds Air, the Mi Wireless Earbuds 2 are totally wireless, and only available in white.

What makes the Mi TWE Earbuds 2 stand out is their overall design compared to AirPods.

While the earbuds themselves are a glossy white plastic, the Mi earbud stems have an exterior matte finish, providing texture and aesthetic different from competitors’ releases.

Unlike the familiar rounded edges of other TWEs’ charging boxes, Xiaomi has opted for a sharp rectangular prism design to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately for Xiaomi, users are fans of this sharper, easily-gripped design.

If you want your earbuds to look exactly like AirPods, don’t buy these. Unlike other products of its kind, the Mi TWE Earbuds 2 have flattened stems noticeably larger than the AirPods’ stems.

Features of the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2

One thing needs to be clarified. You may hear the Mi TWS Earbuds 2 have noise cancelling technology. Actually, the earbuds have two microphones, one in each bud.

So, while this is effective for calling and voice-activated functions, a person in a crowded place couldn’t avoid noise through those microphones. As far as music playback, users commend the earbuds for general listening, but with average performance for bass and sound settings.

Charging: Total charge time for both the charging box and Mi TWS Earbuds 2: ~ 1 hour 15 minutes. Holds charge for roughly 14 hours
Bluetooth 5.0
Quick Pair function: With Bluetooth enabled, opening the charging box links device to earbuds in pop-up view; easier with other Mi devices.
Optical Sensors Detection: Automatically pauses music when one earbud is removed. Single-ear capabilities. Earphone tap functions for calls, music, Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.

Isn’t that a strange term? To be worth our while is to be worth spending on. Spending time, money, and effort to connect.

Today, we make decisions at the click of a button, and our money goes with them. Some will say the buyers of this product, sensibly, are Mi phone users. But if it’s worthwhile to you, and worth connecting to a low price while it lasts, then go for it.

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