Deception Season 2 | Release date and cast

Deception Season 2 has been long wished for by fans. The procedural crime drama premiered on ABC in 2018 and was received well by viewers. Will there be a future for the series? That question remains complicated.

What is Deception?

The show follows Cameron Black, a Las Vegas magician who experiences a major career change when he begins assisting the FBI. He uses his skills as an illusionist to help catch criminals and solve crimes that at first seem to have no explanation. Season 1 was officially picked up by ABC in May 2017 and 13 episodes premiered on TV. It received a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 92% of Google users expressed liking the show. Despite this, ABC cancelled the series in May 2018, making it seem as if a Deception season 2 may not be possible.

Cast of Deception

Deception season 2 cast

Jack Cutmore-Scott plays a dual role on the show, starring as both the magician Cameron Black and his twin brother Jonathon Black. Ilfenesh Hadera stars as Kay Daniels, a special agent with the FBI who teams up with Black throughout the series. Other members of the main cast include Justin Chon, Laila Robins, and Vinnie Jones, who create a team of magicians and FBI agents in a mash up of skill sets to solve crimes. Deception season 2 would most likely follow the same group of characters for a new round of mysteries and illusions.

Is Deception Season 2 possible?

As of right now, the show has not been picked up by a new network. Fans speculated that Netflix┬ámay be interested in reviving the series like they’ve done with shows in the past, such as Designated Survivor which was also cancelled by ABC. Social media pressure has been applied to Netflix and an online petition started circulating to push for a season 2 of the series. The future of Deception still hangs in the air, but if fans are as dedicated to the show as they seem, anything is possible.

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