Disney Still Entertaining World

In this time of the coronavirus Disney World is still entertaining guests, even if they are the kind that are charged with trespassing. On April 30 a man by the name of Richard McGuire from Mobile, Alabama, was arrested after being caught camping on Disney World’s Bay Lake Discovery Island. The magic of Disney World still calls out for guests to come and visit even when it is closed.

About the island :

The island has gone through several names and is not the current Discovery Island on the park maps but is an older attraction that was close two decades ago. The island, originally named Treasure Island, served as an 11-acre zoo housing tropical species. It was called a place where people honestly concerned about preserving the wild places of the world would love to visit. It was closed in 1999 with the majority of its exhibits being transferred to the newly opened Animal Kingdom. The name at some point in time was also transferred to the central courtyard of the Animal kingdom which was originally named “Safari Village”. Since the islands closing Disney has been perplexed how to use the island with several attempts having been made.

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McGuire saw the recent closure as an opportunity to camp in as put it “a tropical paradise”. He made entry to the park some time on April 25 and said he planned to stay a week. After authorities became aware okay is presence executed an extensive search and finally found after discovering his campsite in one of the abandoned structures. McGuire claimed that he didn’t know he was trespassing despite numerous signs posted all over. He has been charged with a misdemeanor for trespassing by the County Court and has been banned by Disney from all of their properties, for life.

Corona too is unable to resist the craze :

It is clear that The Magic of Disney World still calls out for people to explore the wonder of the park even when it’s closed during these trying times. Even more so when it’s an abandoned attraction on the outskirts of the main park. McGuireis not the first recorded trespasser on Discovery Island, not even the first one to have been caught. It’s hard to believe Disney can’t find option would allow them to reopen the island as an attraction. At least they could put a better security system on to alert them of this sort of trespassing occurs. Either way it’s nice to know the people are still entertained by the magic of Discovery Island, even if they have to pay a life time price for it.

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