Donald Cerrone vs Niko Price draw at UFC

Donald, also known as Cowboy, Cerrone and Niko Price, indulged in a neck to neck fight at the UFC. However, by the end of it there was still no winner. 

Donald Cerrone vs Niko Price
Donald Cerrone vs Niko Price

Niko Price was issued in the beginning round, a few accidental eye pokes; which resulted in the change of expected outcomes of the fight. Price’s much anticipated win turned into a draw.

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Both the judges at UFC due to the point deduction; scored the fight 28-28. However, another official scored the fight a 29-27 with Cerrone taking the lead at the end of the three rounds.

While, Price seemed thrilled after the results were declared; Cerrone on having earned a draw for the first time in his over 50 years of career, fell silent and did not comment.

Price was well aware that Cerrone takes a while to adapt to the pace of the fight; and therefore he began with an attacking strategy in the opening round. Cerrone was taken by surprise, and it took a while for him to come up with set his offense game right.

By the end of the first round, Price had managed to land some accidental eye pokes. The second time around was when referee Jason Herzog decided to deduct points from Price’s favor. Price later apologized to Cerrone for the same.

Cerrone had the opportunity to take lead in the second round. However, with Price still landing firm on Cerrone with his attacking strategy; eventually affected Cerrone’s overall output.

Price, in the last few minutes of the fight; thought of achieving victory by making use of the same strategy that got him started in the beginning of the fight itself; and continued for the next two rounds. However, Cerrone was not going to give it away so easily. The last 90 seconds of the fight were when Cerrone decided to strike some of his best moves; punches and kicks.

However, by the end of the UFC fight, the judges declared that there was a draw in the results. Cerrone is desperately looking to secure his first win ever since last May; when he had dropped four fights in a row.

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