Dua Lipa asked elderly people questions about herself.

The 24 year old pop singer Dua Lipa went on to be a guest host on the show Jimmy Kimmel live! As her first gig as a host she nailed it maintaining the hype of audience. She was filling in for Jimmy Kimmel as he was on his summer vacation. Dua Lipa started with a hilarious monologue followed by segment named “Who-A-Lipa?”. In this segment she did a virtual interview with some old fellas asking questions about herself.

“A lot of my fans are young but I’m always trying to reach a wider audience, so I decided to reach out to some seniors,”

“These are real people who I interviewed over the internet. I told them I was conducting a survey about music, but didn’t tell them who I was.”she said.

The Reactions of Oldies.

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa on Jimmy Kimmel.

Dua Lipa started the segment “Who-A-Lipa?” with a novice  question “Do you know who Dua Lipa is?”.Nobody nearly recognized the name. Instead came awkward replies like “Who?”,“Is that a person?”,“Dua Mita?”. Dua then started to play her hit tune “Break My Heart” and asked how they feel about the song. With some smiles came the mixed replies. “Love it, love it, love it!,” one woman said while other said “I don’t know, she might do well on TikTok.”

Lipa then tried to reveal her identity indirectly by showing a picture of the singer i.e herself. “That’s terrible,” one woman said, referring to Lipa’s crop top in the photo. “If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t want her to go out in that.””It looks like she’s trying too hard,” said another. Dua Lipa welcomed all the comments sportively throughout the show.

She finally revealed her identity to them surprising them all. The woman who commented “That’s terrible,” earlier then said,“Oh swell, I really got myself in it this time, didn’t I!”.Another old man said, “Oh – oh my, are you really?I’m going to run out right now and buy a CD.” Another man just laughed at the prank.

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