Simulation Theory (Muse) in film: part narrative, part concert.

Simulation Theory in a film
Simulation Theory by muse to be made into a film

Rock band, “Muse” is all set to put their 2018 album, “Simulation Theory” into a film. The movie will release on IMAX theaters on August 17.

After the celebrated success of their 2018 album, ‘Simulation Theory’, Muse will make film to accompany the film. The film will be part narration and part concert. The rock band’s frequent collaborator, Lance Drake will direct the film. According to a press release, the movie is about a group of scientists who,

“investigate the source of a paranormal anomaly appearing around the world,”.

Simulation Theory part narrative part concert
The British rock band, muse announced that the film will be a part narrative film and part concert film.

Lance Drake said in a statement,

“The goal for Simulation Theory was to capture the scale of the electrifying live show and to expand upon its connection to the DNA of the world we built for the past three years in music videos for Muse,”

he further added,

“In a strange turn, the film’s alternate reality eerily started to mirror our own.”

The movie will have footage from the live performances of British rock band, Muse in London. The film will have music from several music videos made by ‘Muse’, especially from the album, “Simulation Theory”.

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Towards the late 2020, Muse will release a Simulation Theory film box set. the set will contain a comic book. The comic book will be based on movie created in partnership with Marvel. It will also have a vinyl LP, a Blu-ray disc and a cassette tape which will have scores of Matt Bellamy. A ‘Super Deluxe’ version of the same will also be available. It will contain an exclusive Simulation themed jacket, face mask and sunglasses.The album Simulation theory had singles, “Dig down”, “Thought Contagion”,  “Pressure” and “Something Human” in it.

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