YouTube stops video email notifications for the subscribers.

YouTube stops video emails
YouTube stops email notifications for videos to subscribers

YouTube stops video email notifications for the subscribers. Goggle notified this formally over an official statement.This will come into effect 13th August on wards.

YouTube stops email notifications for videos
YouTube will stop the notifications for videos via emails 13th August on wards

The new changes are in questions. YouTube says, according to its internal data, maximum of these emails go unopened. people find these emails annoying. In addition, it clutters the inbox of the users. However the emails regarding the services, accounts and updates will not be affected. this change will not affect any viewership. Since, people barely open these mails. According to YouTube,

“We didn’t see any impact to watch time when we experimented with turning off these emails. In fact, our tests showed that when we don’t send these emails, more people engage with mobile push notifications and their Subscriptions feed.”

Digital platforms rarely reduce the no. of emails they send. However, LinkedIn attempted to reduce its mail back in 2015. It has successfully reduced the number of mails, it was sending earlier.

Users all over are appreciating this step by YouTube. YouTube stops video email notifications, 13th August, 2020 onwards. As, YouTube thinks there is no use of continuing this feature. The YouTube creators also stated that those email notifications do not help much. It is a good thing that YouTube is stopping those.

However, August 13 on wards, YouTube will inform the subscribers through mobile push notifications. Through mobile push notifications, the users will be notified about the new uploads, replies to comments, etc.


In contrary to many content creators, some have raised concerns regarding the push notifications.

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