Early Joining Formalities and Policy for Different Colleges in India

Early Joining Formalities

1. Selected candidates have to get a NOC from their respective
Head of Department.

Early Joining Policy

1. Once the candidate gets selected and gives his/her confirmation for
joining he/she can not participate in any other off-on placement

2. Delegations will only be provided if a candidate completes
his/her tenure till the end of session.

3. Student who leaves the company during the training period will be
debarred from felicitation ceremony & will not be provided

4. No candidate will be entertained for delegations for any reason for
leaving company.

5. If the candidate leaves without informing the CR dept he/she will
be debarred from felicitation & will not be provided delegation.

6. If the candidate switches from one company to another during his/her
working tenure, delegations will not be provided for same.
No relaxation will be given on any account.

*Sole Discretion of Corporate Relations Dept.

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