Epic Games announces Free Fortnite tournament as fight against App store

To fight against app store Epic games has announced a free Fortnite tournament. This announcement was against the on going dispute between Apple and Epic Games. After seeing that the game is taken down by the App store, the company has sued Apple in court as a result for the same.

Epic games also posted that the players playing on iOS will be left behind. These players will not get the update for the next season in their blog post.

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Epic Games announces Free Fortnite tournament

The tournament will be held on 23rd August. This tournament is to ensure that the game Fortnite gets back to the App store. The game was removed from all the Apple iPhones after the breech in the guidelines of Apple. This issue is in court and Epic games is seeking for justice. This issue occurred when the company launched its own in app-purchase system. This was breaching the policies of Apple. The new season of the game is going to launch on 27th August. But the company has its own plans about arranging a free tournament.

Epic’s blog post read. “If you’re left behind on iOS after the Chapter 2 – Season 4 launch, the party continues on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, GeForce Now, and through both the Epic Games App at epicgames.com and the Samsung Galaxy Store. Join the fight against @AppStore on social with #FreeFortnite”.

Fortnite has listed all the winner gifts against Apple. As they have not included a single apple product in their winner gifts. Epic launched a campaign against Apple through a video that mocked Apple’s 1984 ad promoting the hashtag #FreeFortnite.

Epic games is against Apple as it removed the Fortnite game from its app store as a result of the guideline breach. What are your thoughts about the things going on in between these two company? Let us know through your comments under this article.

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