Facebook removed seven million posts regarding coronavirus

Facebook removed seven million posts regarding coronavirus?
Facebook removed seven million posts regarding coronavirus?

The social media giant, reportedly, is cutting down on posts that do not meet the community guidelines. The latest addition to these is the posts that give out fake information about the coronavirus. According to a report, Facebook removed seven million posts in the second quarter for fake coronavirus information.

Posts that go against community guidelines in Facebook

Facebook has some strict rules regarding posts that should not be put up, but many people still go on posting those. Be it fake news, hate speech, or posts connected to terrorist organisations, you will find it all on Facebook. So, Facebook takes turns in going over these posts and removing them from the social media site.

The company recently released data regarding the removing posts, which it had introduced in its sixth Community Standards Enforcement Report. They also stressed on some more stringent decorum rules, given the rising discontent regarding posts on the platform. Facebook also said that they were expanding hate speech policy to include “content depicting backlash or stereotypes about Jewish people controlling the world”.

The company also mentioned that they had to rely on automated technology for removing these posts in the last few months. This happened as the human resources available were quite less due to the ongoing pandemic scenario.

Removed Posts

Facebook Inc. has reported that it recently removed about 22.5 million posts on the app that made use of hate speech. The number has increased by 9.6 million since the last quarter. Facebook says that this increased number only speaks of Facebook’s improving detection technology.

Facebook also deleted 8.7 million posts that are seemingly connected to terrorist organizations. The number in the last quarter was 6.3 million. It also removed posts from groups that seem to promote organized hate towards a particular target. The number of these posts was 4 million, compared to 4.7 million in the last quarter. However, Facebook has not disclosed any official statement about the prevalence of hateful content on the platform. This has made the civil right advocates view this removal of hateful content as less meaningful.

Fake information about coronavirus on Facebook

Since the inception of coronavirus, a lot of fake information regarding the same is doing rounds on various social media platforms. This information gets more widely shared on Facebook as compared to the other platforms. Posts promoting fake preventive measures and made-up cures are always rising on Facebook. And this can prove to be fatal to people.


Facebook has removed seven million posts giving out false information about coronavirus. It also removed all the fake information regarding cures and preventive measures.

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