Fall Guys Hack: The underhanded tricks some use beat their over 2 million competitors

Fall Guys Hack, the underhanded tricks some use to beat their over 2 million competitors. Fall Guys is a Battle Royale where players compete against each other to be the last one stand. The game was released on August 4, 2020, and has sold over 2 million copies. Specifically,1.5 million copies were sold in Fall Guys Hack first 24 hours.  Mediatonic the game’s developers were shocked by the unexpected having to quickly readjust the servers to handle the extra lowed. Unfortunately, as is always the case with Battle Royale style games some players have created hacks for Fall Guys.

Fall Guys

To understand why there are Fall Guys Hack it is necessary to know a little bit about the game. Fall Guys is a battle royal platform videogame for Windows and PlayStation 4. The game is an online Battle Royale with cross-platform capabilities. The object is simply to be the last player out of 60 at the end of the final round. Specifically, the game starts with 60 players were gradually eliminated through a series of game challenges/rounds. The game maps and character avatars look like they were inspired by the CANDY CRUSH SAGA. Additionally, the various challenges/rounds in the game feel like they were pooled from obstacle course game shows. Indeed, the game’s creators stated they were inspired by shows such as Total Wipeout and  Takeshi’s Castle. The various challenges/rounds are chosen at random and can range from a race to a team event. Also, numerous obstacles inspired by Total Wipeout and other shows will appear for added difficulty. Despite its fine almost childish appearance the game is so competitive that Fall Guys Hack already appear.


Fall Guys Hacks appears to have taken the game creators by surprise though it is not on heard of for such games. Hacks for those who don’t know are on authorize modifications to a computer program. In the case of Fall Guys Hack, these modifications provide certain players a distinctly unfair advantage. It’s important to note, that most Battle Royale videogames inevitably have hacks appear.

Also, these programs usually provide a player with an advantage that helps them achieve the victory criteria in the game. An example would be infinite ammunition and first-person shooter Battle Royale style video game. That is to say, the games programming would’ve been hacked to allow a player to have infinite ammunition. In such a game that would allow one player to take out all the other while they’re reloading. While these programs can be interesting and inventive, they essentially allow a player to cheat their way to victory.

Fall Guys Hack

In the month since the games release numerous hacks have already begun to appear in Fall Guys. While this should not unexpected it is rather impressive that it occurred so quickly. Additionally, the number and variation of the hacks are also quite impressive given the time. Also, it’s fair to point out that the majority of these hacks most likely simply expanding on in-game features. That being said, the majority can be broken down into four different categories. These various Fall Guys Hack give a player an advantage sometimes an unsurmountable one over other players.

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Speed: Hack

The Fall Guys Speed Hack is the most common of the numerous hacks that have recently popped up in the game. This hack is most likely achieved by legally modifying avatars running speed. What this illegal program does is allow a character avatar to run at an increased speed. In other words, it allows a player be able to outrun all the others on the game field. Specifically, a player who has a Fall Guyshack Speed Hack can across the map before anyone else. An example would be, a player waiting until others are halfway through then started. Because that player has a speed hack, he or she will still reach the finish line well before anyone else. However, that assumes that none of the other players have the same hack or one of the others.

Flying Hack

Fall Guys Flying Hack is another one of the illegal programs popping up in the game. This hack’s name says it all. Basically, Fall Guys Flying Hack allows a player to have their avatar fly were short amount of time. The amount of time the avatars airborne does depend on the hack in question. This hack is most likely a modification to the avatars jumping ability. That is, it increases the avatars jump height and hang time provide the ability of flight. The advantage Fall Guys Hack Flying Hack gives players the ability to avoid obstacles. The game is full of disruptive objects, obstructions, not to mention pitfalls the flying hack is unfair. Basically, while other players are struggling through the various challenges a player with the flying hack simply goes over them.


Fall Guys Hack Teleport Hack is perhaps the most devious of the legal programs being used to cheat in the game. Similar to the flying hack in that it allows a player to bypass obstacles and obstructions. However, the Fall Guys Teleport Hack allows a player to choose a location beyond the obstacle and reappear there. This hack is most likely that she by accessing the program that determines where avatar response after falling off platforms. Additionally, if that is the case it makes the most innovative and complicated hack. In other words, a player using the Fall Guys Teleport Hack could simply teleport straight to the finishing line. This would guarantee them victory and prevent any sort of competition, even if other players have hacks.

Fall Guys Hack response

One of the most surprising aspects of the Fall Guys Hack situation is the lack of game creator preparation. The game was first launched there was no mechanism or message board to report the use of the legal programs. Actually, it appears that there was no way to report any sort of malfunction in the game. To be fair, the game developers may have believed it would take months before hacks appeared. Given the fact that the game is more popular than was expected necessitating an adjustment to the servers that make sense. That being said, Mediatonic seeing the reports of hacks in their game on social media and review sites took action. The developers have been attempting to updates Fall Guys programming to prevent hacks. However, as with all such attempts, it is taking time to eliminate all the Fall Guys Hack.

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